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Benefit from round-the-clock access to your AI career coach, ready to provide insights, feedback, and actionable steps whenever you need it. Our intelligent system evolves with each interaction, ensuring advice that's always in sync with your current needs and career aspirations.

Empowering Your Professional Growth, 
Every Step of the Way

At Career Karma, we're committed to empowering your professional growth at every step. Our mission is to unlock your full potential by offering a unique, AI-powered career development experience, tailored just for you. 

We provide 24/7 AI coaching complemented by personalized human interactions, ensuring a holistic approach to your career progression. With Career Karma, you're not just planning your future; you're actively shaping it, one insightful, actionable step at a time.

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How it works

Personalize Your Coach

Kickstart your journey by customizing your AI coach to match your career aspirations and needs.

Set SMART Goals

Work with your AI coach to set clear, actionable SMART goals for your professional growth.

Experience Comprehensive Coaching

Get tailored advice and resources so you can navigate your career goals and challenges effectively.

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Bite-Sized, Impactful Actions

Embrace a series of tailored, manageable actions that lead to significant career growth. Our AI coach breaks down your grand goals into small, achievable steps, enabling consistent progress and keeping you motivated on the path to success.

Human Insight & Personal Touch

Complement your AI coaching with monthly human coaching sessions. Choose from nine critical topics and receive personalized advice, deep insights, and the nuanced understanding that only a human coach can provide, ensuring a well-rounded, holistic approach to your career development

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